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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sprinkler System

Well the title of this week says it all. My sprinkler system has been leaking and I had to pull out my manifold and get a new one. It was leaking pretty bad. I moved it all together and I am getting a new one tomorrow to put in. It is very frustrating that it was leaking.

Anyway, it definitely feels like summer here. wish spring could have stuck around, but it seems summer is here to stay. AC is already running fairly strong.

We have been doing a lot of landscapping and I am getting sick of it. It is a never ending project. One nice thing out of our landscape project has been our garden. We have corn sprouting, zuchinni, tomato, pumpkin and strawberries!!! Can't wait to try them.

I might post more with pics and other thoughts later today.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Galveston Bay March 21, 2008

This was Spring Break 2008. It was a great day. Kelly played hookie from work and all went to the nicer side of the Bay. Not beautiful water but a beautiful sun and the ocean! The kids all got burned and so did Kelly. Where was the sunscreen??? Molly's skin doesn't do well at all in the sun. We have to put hats on and longer shirts and lots and lots of SUNSCREEN! I found it. Spring Break ended well.

Easter, Spring Break March 2008

Easter Egg hunt with Neighbors

Jack Playing in the dirt

Easter Sunday
Thanks mom

Molly Playing in the Dirt too...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Heat and colon review

Well what an interesting week. If you ever get a colonoscopy watch out. The preparation for the procedure is worse than the procedure. I don't remember much from the day of the procedure, but I do know that the night/day before was full of liquid in and a lot of stuff on the way out.

The good news is that I was clean of any polyps or anything out of the ordinary the doctor was very happy with what he saw and I am relieved that I can wait another 5 years until I am checked again.

We have been doing a lot of landscaping and design to our yard. It has been fun, but I can't wait until we are done. However, because you keep messing with it I don't know if we will ever be done. We fix one thing and notice something else we must fix. One of the things I would like to fix in my big picture of ideas is that we put in a pool and an outdoor kitchen with a fire place in the back yard. I now have something to work for in my backyard instead of a big lawn to mow. This dream is not an all at once reality but many phases, so we will see how long it takes to happen.

Molly is starting to come into her own. She is such a happy and delightful baby. She is starting to her own langauge she only makes up words so she can be heard. She is truly a blessing and can't imagine life without her. It seems that she is the only sister that knows how to really iritate Jack, which I find fascinating. She just knows how to push his buttons. However, Jack knows how to push everyone elses buttons. That kid is spoiled and he knows it. He still is a good kid and there are reasons he gets spoiled. Me and him are outnumbered and we have to be heard.

The school year is winding down and the girls are still counting the weeks and days until school is out. For us the school year doesn't end until the June 7 or there about. We are looking forward to vacation and summertime fun.



Dad your my best friend.


gooo goo ga gurkley murkley


When will my teeth grow in so I can eat corn and apples?


She doesn't ask a lot of questions but she does think about life's questions from spirtuality to scholarly thoughts such as "To be or not to be, that is the question" she then asked what is the question because this one doesn't make sense.


When driving by our neighbors house about to go to her friends birthday party who are a mixed family of races said, "I didn't know her dad was THAT black". She meant it innocently but it sure sounded improper.

See you next week in the funny papers.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 13, 2008

Another week has gone by and the kids continue to amaze me. Jack's newest phrase when he sees me is "Dad you are my best friend".

I find this amazing that he knows what this means and how more importantly how to say it coherently. Thinking about his statement I hope that sentiment continues and I don't tick him off later in life and I become his enemy.

We have been planning our summer vacation and we are getting very excited. We will be glad to get out of Hot Houston and into some drier and milder climates.

I have added some pictures in the gallery for you to view. They are pretty good. If you haven't seen Molly lately she has really began to talk and grow into a very very very active little girl. She can climb on anything and everything and she is the only one in the family that knows how to manage "Cheeto" aka JACK! (Cheeto is Jack's new nick name from last year's family vacation, because he basically dove into the giant bag of cheeto's and came out with orange hair, face, hands, and feet! I am sure we have a picture somewhere. I will need to find it.

This coming week I go in for the big pooper viewing. I am having a colonoscopy because of all the history in the family. I am sure it will all go ok, but keep your fingers crossed.

Short and sweet

See you in the funny papers!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Williams Creek Campground

We are now online

We now have a blog and wanted to let you know we are still alive. I will update as I create and add content. Stay Tuned